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  • Mega firm cuts small accounts

    A wealth management firm is looking to cut smaller accounts to focus on high-net-worth clients

  • Investment opportunity bringing sexy back

    It’s an offering that may have come too soon for advisors looking for sexy investment opportunities to entice clients into private capital markets

  • Advisors, beware the ‘Bill Gates’ trend

    Conversations around “expanding the circle of giving” need to happen now, say advisors pointing to the “Bill Gates” trend taking root among their clients

  • Game plan

    Do you have a strategy for business growth? If not, you could be on a road to nowhere

  • Fed minutes hint at rate hike

    The Fed minutes from its July 28-29 meeting, released Wednesday afternoon, reveal a rate hike is still in the cards but that a hard date has not yet been reached

  • Advisor commissions win new support

    The most unlikely hero has come to the rescue of advisors offering analysis on whether commissions can exist under a fiduciary standard

  • 80-year-old poses as advisor

    An Ontario man hung out his advisory shingle without any kind of licensing or regulatory approval reminding industry players why regulation does nothing to stop those intent on breaking the law

  • Underwriting remains huge issue

    The responses are pouring in for the inaugural LHP Advisors on Carriers Survey, and not surprisingly underwriting is a primary concern for advisors

  • Fund managers moving to maximize value

    Capacity targets have one investment firm moving to cap three funds in the coming weeks – a move that is part of a broader trend to optimize investment value

  • Canadian gets the nod at CFA Institute

    Beth Hamilton-Keen, CFA, has been elected the new chair of the Board of Governors of CFA Institute, the global association of investment professionals.