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  • DSC advisors find unlikely ally

    You wouldn’t think a financial professional who made the switch to a fee-based model more than seven years ago would have any sympathy for those flogging DSC funds – but you’d be wrong

  • Advisor feedback plays into provider’s ETF strategy

    Product introductions are coming fast and furious as fund companies listen to the concerns of advisors signaling ETF usage for client portfolios is on the rise

  • Health care investments set to skyrocket

    Interest in healthcare investments has traditionally been unusually low, says one investment executive, but political decisions in the U.S. and China mixed with an aging population are turning healthcare into a very hot commodity

  • An advisor who represents himself … is typical

    New research confirms that financial professionals are loath to do it, still there’s an argument for them bringing in a second pair of eyes to vet their own investment decisions

  • Investors: Advisors more popular than cash

    Don’t get a swelled head, but a majority of clients would choose their financial advisor over enough cash to buy a big-screen TV or a whack shares in Apple – that according to new research

  • Market volatility exposes deeper concern

    The market volatility was triggered by China’s unexpected devaluation of the yuan, but it’s the reason for the move that has most advisors spooked

  • The people factor

    Growing your business invariably involves one thing: staff. How can you attract the best employees – and keep them interested?

  • BoC announces rate

    The latest central bank decision is in – but does it align with analyst predictions?

  • IIROC punishes dealer and branch manager in rare case

    It doesn’t happen very often but the SRO has not only come down hard on an Alberta advisor but also his branch manager and dealer

  • Big banks giving breaks to foreign investors

    An investigative report is highlighting the role some financial advisors may have played in helping Chinese nationals spirit millions of dollars out of their country and into Canadian real estate among other key investments