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  • Never cry wolf

    2013’s The Wolf of Wall Street – Martin Scorsese’s award-winning look at the industry’s underbelly – hasn’t exactly given stockbrokers a PR boost. It hasn’t exactly been generous to financial advisors, either.

  • Advisors quietly rooting for CRA

    A major tax accountancy firm has come under fire for an alleged “tax evasion” plan that if left unchecked could spell disaster for advisors courting high net worth investors

  • This fund’s got it right on fees

    Two former endowment executives have created a fee structure that is so client-friendly it’s a wonder more don’t look to do the same

  • It isn’t just about oil

    While low interest rates are a thorn in financial equities’ side, and concerns remain surrounding the real estate market, it is the price of oil that has been copping the most flak

  • Canaccord Genuity fills top role

    A process that’s been ongoing since the untimely death of former CEO Paul Reynolds sees several executives move up the ranks solidifying the future for one of Canada’s leading independent financial services firms.

  • DSC advisors find unlikely ally

    You wouldn’t think a financial professional who made the switch to a fee-based model more than seven years ago would have any sympathy for those flogging DSC funds – but you’d be wrong

  • Advisor feedback plays into provider’s ETF strategy

    Product introductions are coming fast and furious as fund companies listen to the concerns of advisors signaling ETF usage for client portfolios is on the rise

  • Health care investments set to skyrocket

    Interest in healthcare investments has traditionally been unusually low, says one investment executive, but political decisions in the U.S. and China mixed with an aging population are turning healthcare into a very hot commodity

  • An advisor who represents himself … is typical

    New research confirms that financial professionals are loath to do it, still there’s an argument for them bringing in a second pair of eyes to vet their own investment decisions

  • Investors: Advisors more popular than cash

    Don’t get a swelled head, but a majority of clients would choose their financial advisor over enough cash to buy a big-screen TV or a whack shares in Apple – that according to new research