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  • RESP deal exposes advisor wrongdoing

    An advisor gone rogue and a quick-thinking compliance team are making the case for keeping regulations as is-- even if they failed to protect clients from a $90K loss

  • Bank CEO opposes cut in pay

    The head honcho at the biggest of big banks suggests that political gridlock is to blame for a lack of economic growth and not much-maligned CEO salaries

  • Insurer makes major wealth management buy

    It’s a move that will see one of Canada’s major financial services firms gain market share as well as an indicator of future M&A activity.

  • Time to dump U.S. stocks?

    With interest rates on the rise and U.S. stocks looking expensive it’s time to consider moving equities to Europe where markets appear ripe for the taking experts say

  • A certain sports-related investment ready to soar

    Although this past year is better left in the rear view mirror advisors might want to check out what looks to be a breakout year for this celebrated franchise

  • Advisors going back to school

    Whether you’re looking to live in a warm weather climate or not experts suggest college towns are the place to be for an active and interesting lifestyle

  • The Fed decision comes down

    With the most-anticipated announcement in months, the US Federal Reserve Board has now ended months of speculation

  • Bank advisors outshone by humble competitors

    New data suggests that a particular group of wealth advisors is doing a better job when it comes to financial planning

  • The easiest way to find the best clients

    Forget about prospecting for clients based on the cars they drive or the watch they wear – there may be better tell-tale indicator of high net worth, according to a leading financial analyst

  • Dodig’s wealth management roots showing?

    Key changes at one of the Big Five are confirming its decision to install a veteran of Canada’s wealth industry at its helm