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  • How to get five times revenue for your book

    Recently WP discussed the revenue multiple advisors can expect when selling their books with some taking exception to the high-end of the range but a succession planning expert explains how that’s possible

  • Are your client’s debt problems getting worse?

    Hot on the heels of the changes to the down payment rules, new numbers suggest advisors have more work to do when it comes to debt management

  • Oil dislocation an opportunity for equity advisors

    Looking at the long term is how advisors need to view the current market volatility, encouraging clients to be patient for the inevitable reward

  • Canadian oil producers losing big

    It might not be the highest quality but oil prices around the world are pushing into the 20s putting advisors further on the defensive especially when it comes to Canadian oil stocks

  • The stalker becomes the stalked

    Only three years ago the founder of a big Canadian success story had considered an M&A deal that would have put it in the global spotlight but now the tables have sadly turned

  • The best stock to own with low oil prices

    One analyst is suggesting that a certain stock that’s been banged around the last couple of years could be ready to take flight thanks to $35 oil

  • Stress: The silent assassin

    You work long hours and are often tired, stressed and overwhelmed. You just don’t have time to look after yourself. Sound familiar? Timo Topp provides some tips on work-life balance

  • Is 2016 the year to sell your book?

    Industry trends suggest there will be no shortage of M&A activity in the coming year providing aging advisors with an opportune time to take early retirement

  • The problem advisors can’t ignore

    It might seem like an innocuous issue but a recent complaint filed by an industry player could positively affect an advisor’s business – but only if the complaint is successful

  • Robo advisor hits a milestone

    It might not be in the billions like some of the robo advisors out there but a Canadian firm recently celebrated hitting $500 million in planning of assets signalling automated advice is here to stay