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  • The one stock clients are dying to own

    Home-country bias is most definitely a problem in Canada given the state of the oil business and that’s got advisors looking globally for good stock ideas including a property developer from South Africa

  • ETF market primed for liftoff

    Global analytics expert suggests ETFs are expected to really take flight later this decade putting mutual funds on the outside looking in

  • A rookie advisor’s best way to mutual fund success

    An industry veteran has a failsafe approach for rookies when it comes to selecting winning funds and he even comes up with an actual recommendation

  • Strategy offers some gains in poor market

    With the Canadian market performing so poorly this year there may be on opportunity for advisors to take advantage of a little used strategy

  • Wealth management exec sees the future

    Although technology continues to greatly change the way advisors do business there are some things that will remain the same whether we’re talking about today or 25 years from now

  • BlackRock’s got a problem

    The asset manager’s got a lot a good things going for it but one particular area of its business could be in a for little turmoil

  • Time to upset the Apple cart

    Smartphones sales are plateauing and that means the powers that be in Cupertino are searching for new ways to drive revenues and they just might have found one

  • Barclays divests index business

    In a move to further trim its non-core operations the bank has sold some of the Lehman Brothers assets it acquired in the financial meltdown of 2008

  • Infamous pharma founder pinched for securities fraud

    The man who jacked up the price of a life-saving pill has been charged for his role in a complicated shell game

  • Advisors weigh credit markets

    An expert on credit risk believes financial advisors are wise to consider ratcheting down the risk taken for clients because it’s likely unnecessary