Breaking news

  • Asset manager appoints new CIO

    In an effort to grow its business on a global basis one of Canada’s largest asset managers has hired a major player in the institutional arena

  • Now is the time advisors really earn their keep

    With the markets off to one of the worst starts to a year ever it’s got advisors in damage-control mode as clients freak out over market volatility and it’s in these dark days that you all earn the fees you charge

  • When client losses go unchecked

    In a case that continues to see affected investors contacting WP to retell their individual stories of hardship one has to wonder how many clients must be hurt by the actions of a rogue advisor before regulators act in the best interests of those injured parties

  • Major auditing firm gets hit with $118 million judgement

    One of Canada’s most notorious cases of greed and deception sees the auditor who missed the red flags on the hook for millions

  • Private equity bets large on New York City

    One of the world’s largest asset managers was busy this past year buying up real estate and nowhere was that more evident than in the Big Apple

  • Standard Life says no to Shell buy

    In a move to prevent Shell from blowing a huge amount of cash has the insurer’s investment arm going on the offensive to prevent the oil giant from making an acquisition that’s clearly value destructive for shareholders

  • The ‘hidden’ tax many of your clients are paying

    Bill Morneau’s December announcement hiking the minimum down payment on homes over $500,000 to 10% certainly caused a stir but that won’t stop the federal government from abusing its taxation powers and residential real estate

  • Women investors did better in 2015

    A social media investing site that’s part Twitter, part Facebook, part Stock Twits, spills the beans on how its investor members did last year and for most it wasn’t a winning period

  • Loonie becomes the new “Northern Peso”

    In another kick to the groin for the Canadian dollar a bank analyst at TD has compared our currency to that of Mexico

  • Insurer continues to make agriculture investments

    Oil prices aren’t the only commodity hit hard over the past year and that’s got one major Canadian insurer carrier licking its chops at the investment opportunities currently available to them