Why investing in Canada’s creatives may be smart

Why investing in Canada’s creatives may be smart

Why investing in Canada’s creatives may be smart The federal heritage minister will set out plans for investment and growth of Canada’s creative industries Thursday.

Melanie Joly will set out the government’s plans to boost investment and exports of Canada’s creative content and proposals to update its regulation.

Creative businesses are expected to benefit from what is being called a “creative economy strategy” and a key component is attracting large investment in Canadian creatives.

Ms. Joly is reportedly going to announce Thursday that Netflix will invest at least $500 million into original Canadian content over the next five years and it is also hoped that Facebook, Google and Amazon will all make significant commitments to Canada’s creative businesses.

Backing from the global media giants will enhance the value of Canada’s producers and other creative industries.
At a star-studded Canada Media Fund event Wednesday, the fund’s president and CEO Valerie Creighton praised the government’s approach to the creative industries.

"This event presents an opportunity for the elected representatives from across Canada to meet the stellar talent on- and off-screen of some of Canada's most successful television, digital and interactive productions," she said. "As we look to support Canadian storytellers in new and inspiring ways, we recognize and thank the Government of Canada for its commitment to our country's dynamic arts and culture sector."

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