Report discovers Canadian attitudes to investments

Report discovers Canadian attitudes to investments

Report discovers Canadian attitudes to investments Finding a way to support a cause by investing is a common trend amongst Canadian investors and a poll commissioned by Mackenzie Investments solidifies the said phenomenon.

According to the survey, 71% of Canadian investors reckon that it is important for financial advisors to offer socially responsible investments to build strong client relationships. For those who already have such investments, 91% expects their reliance on these socially responsible assets to remain or even increase in the next three years.

Additionally, 85% of investors stated that it is a must for advisors to be able to extend a wider range of products and solutions for clients.

On the side of the advisors, 35% of them are committed to making sure that socially responsible investments will be a growing part of their practices in the next two to three years.

Another highlight of the research is the growing interest of both investors and advisors in global investing.

The study revealed that those with more than $500,000 in investable assets are more likely to go with asset management firms with expertise in global investing. Interestingly, 72% of investors said it is important for such firms to have an exposure in global markets.

Meanwhile, three in four advisors are seeing the importance of working with asset management companies that offer products with global investment partnerships.

These are some of the key highlights presented in 50 Insights for Advisors released by Mackenzie Investments as part of its 50th anniversary celebration.

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