North American investors expect higher returns in 2018

North American investors expect higher returns in 2018

North American investors expect higher returns in 2018 As 2018 approaches, a survey of institutional investors shows that those in North America are expecting higher returns than their European peers.

The report from investment management firm Schroders also reveals that North American investors are more patient when it comes to reaching their upper goals on returns.

Over half of North American respondents said that they are targeting returns above 7%. Latin American investors are also optimistic.

On modest investment goals, North American investors lagged their European counterparts with 46% expecting to meet their targets, below the 61% of Europeans and the 56% global average.

Concerns remain
Charles Prideaux, Schroders’ Head of Solutions says that geopolitics, an unwinding of the low interest rate environment, and populism are among chief concerns.

“Faced by these challenges, it is perhaps unsurprising that only a little over half of investors globally are confident of meeting their return objectives. Yet, strikingly, many investors in North and Latin America have return targets of at least 7%,” he says.

“The demanding investment landscape shows no sign of abating, making it increasingly important Schroders works closely with its institutional clients to construct diversified portfolios and deliver solutions which optimise risk and
returns to meet their objectives,” adds Prideaux.

The report also shows that 61% of institutional investors in North America are willing to hold strategy for at least 4 years, compared to 53% of Europeans and 51% of Asians.

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