Most Canadians are planning to ask for a raise

Most Canadians are planning to ask for a raise

Most Canadians are planning to ask for a raise Canadian workers are not happy with their wages and are about to ask for more!

Low unemployment and increased economic growth has done little for wage increases and 83% of Canadian respondents to a survey by job site Indeed say that they are unsatisfied with their salaries.

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While some may carry on regardless, the poll shows that 52% are going to ask for a raise in 2018 with a further 28% considering it.

Canadian employees generally did get a raise in the past year but 38% said it’s been between 1 and 2 years since their last increase; 20% say they have never had a raise.

The most generous bosses appear to be in Manitoba, where Indeed found that 42% had been given a raise in the past year, Ontario followed closely at 41%. The share of those getting more in Alberta and Quebec was around 20%.

How much more do Canadian workers want?
The survey reveals that to live comfortably, workers would like to earn an average $11,882.96 extra per year.

It also shows that 47% of respondents plan to ask for a raise of between 6-10% with an average 7%. Millennials will push for 8%.

The gender pay gap is unlikely to be helped by the intentions either with men asking for an average 8% but women asking for 7%.

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