Morning Briefing: Asia, Europe dominated by geopolitics

Morning Briefing: Asia, Europe dominated by geopolitics

Morning Briefing: Asia, Europe dominated by geopolitics

Asia, Europe dominated by geopolitics

The new day, week and quarter has begun with geopolitics taking centre stage as the Asian and European markets got underway.

For Europe the focus is on Brexit and a war of words that has broken out between Spain and the UK over the tiny British dependency of Gibraltar; Spain wants it, Britain’s had it for 300 years and isn’t about to let it go.

Europe, and especially Asia, is also digesting the latest comments from Donald Trump on North Korea. The US president says he is prepared to “solve” the rogue state’s nuclear threat solo if China – whose president will meet with Trump this week – does use its influence.

Asian markets closed mostly higher Monday. Sydney gained despite mixed economic data and news that cyclone damage could mean rail lines used by mining firms could be out of action for weeks. Shanghai was closed for a public holiday.

European indexes are also trending higher despite data showing weaker manufacturing PMI for France and the UK, while the measure for the Eurozone was flat. US data and Fed speakers are awaited.

Wall Street and Toronto are expected to open flat.



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North America (previous session)

US Dow Jones

20,663.22 (-0.31 per cent)

-1.63 per cent

+16.13 per cent

TSX Composite

15,547.75 (-0.20 per cent)

-0.39 per cent

+15.68 per cent


Europe (at 5.00am ET)


7,325.07 (+0.03 per cent)

-0.67 per cent

+19.18 per cent

German DAX

12,338.08 (+0.20 per cent)

+2.58 per cent

+25.97 per cent


Asia (at close)

China CSI 300

3,456.05 (+0.56 per cent)

+0.82 per cent

+7.27 per cent

Japan Nikkei

18,983.23 (+0.39 per cent)

-2.50 per cent

+17.44 per cent


Other Data (at 5.00am ET)

Oil (Brent)

Oil (WTI)


Can. Dollar


(+0.04 per cent)


(+0.12 per cent)


(-0.34 per cent)



Aus. Dollar


China’s factories are bouncing back…for now

China’s factories saw growth at the fastest pace for 5 years boosted by a construction boom but analysts are cautious about the outlook ahead of President Trump’s meeting with President Xi Jinping this week.

Although China’s manufacturing PMI is at a level last seen in April 2012, the US president’s protectionist policies are concerning for many Chinese businesses.

Trump has already suggested that the meeting will be “very difficult” as he wants to ensure that US jobs are protected; now he has ramped up the pressure with calls for Chinese action on North Korea.

Other Asian factory data was also released Monday showing improvement for Japan and India.

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