Firm boosts its mutual fund lineup

Firm boosts its mutual fund lineup

Firm boosts its mutual fund lineup BMO Investments announced the launch of two new series of securities for several of its mutual funds.

The group rolled out Series G securities for twelve of its mutual funds. These new Series G funds are available exclusively through BMO Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) accounts.

BMO Global Asset Management Senior Product Manager Trevor Philp said group RRSPs provide companies with a convenient way to offer cost-effective retirement-saving solutions through convenient payroll deductions.

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BMO’s mutual funds that will be getting new securities include BMO Core Bond Fund, BMO Fixed Income ETF Portfolio, BMO Core Plus Bond Fund, BMO Income ETF Portfolio, BMO Monthly Income Fund, BMO Conservative ETF Portfolio, and others.

"We are always looking for ways to help our small-to-medium-size business customers, including offering incentives to assist them in retaining top talent. Employees also have access to detailed financial planning and investment advice that is tailored to them," he said.

BMO also launched Series D securities for twenty other mutual funds which include BMO Money Market Fund, BMO Global Growth & Income Fund, BMO Diversified Income Portfolio, BMO North American Dividend Fund, BMO Global Diversified Fund, BMO Global Small Cap Fund, and others.

Meanwhile, the investment firm announces three risk rating changes of BMO Conservative ETF Portfolio("low to medium" to "low"), BMO Global Small Cap Fund ("medium to high" to "medium"), BMO Greater China Class ("high" to "medium to high").

Despite the risk rating changes, the funds' investment objectives and strategies will remain the same.

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