Market talk

  • Oils firms in debt, out of favour

    With many of Canada’s oil firms carrying their highest levels of debt in a decade according to Bloomberg and oil prices declining once again, they could use some breaks

  • Chinese market on a rollercoaster

    Wednesday’s trading session in Asia has shown the volatile nature of the Chinese stock market with a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows during the day sending shockwaves across the region.

  • Japan’s exports slow, stimulus could follow

    Data on Japan’s exports show a weakening of the nation’s trade in electronics and vehicles.

  • Oil prices could fall as low as $15 says investor

    One influential investor has told CNN that oil prices could drop as low as $15 a barrel.

  • TSX lower as Chinese market fall hits sentiment

    TSX lower as Chinese market fall hits sentiment… Canada Pension Plan invests in Malaysian real estate… Ontario messaging company gets $50 million investment from China… Canadian firm secures space elevator patent… New deal for K+S could scupper Potash Corp. plan…

  • Yuan, Thailand dominate markets

    Tuesday’s session for the world markets has been rocked by Monday’s deadly explosion in Bangkok and the continued volatility of the Chinese currency

  • Oil demand to slide

    Oil prices continue to weaken as the markets factor in lower demand with the end of the North American summer ahead and Asia’s requirements unlikely to increase in the near future

  • Europe’s biggest risk isn’t Greece

    German Chancellor Agnela Merkel says that the biggest risk to the European Union is the current migrant crisis

  • UK inflation turns positive

    Inflation in the UK has rebounded, growing 0.1 per cent in July after flat lining for much of the year so far and turning negative in April

  • TSX dips on energy, banks

    The Toronto Stock Exchange was given a knock by Japan and the US Monday as both produced data that did not impress the markets.