Top 25 Portfolio Management Software Providers in Canada revealed

Wealth Professional highlights the best tech tools for 2024, enhancing advisor efficiency and customization

Top 25 Portfolio Management Software Providers in Canada revealed

Wealth Professional has announced its Top 25 Portfolio Management Software Providers in Canada, highlighting the premier technologies for wealth management professionals.  

This list recognizes the top firms offering critical tools that enhance and drive business operations for advisors.   

Scott Stennett, senior vice president of Richardson Wealth, defines an industry-leading software package as one that “must be open architecture, highly secure, provide fast response times, and deliver continuous improvements.”  

Further emphasizing customization, Shaun Hauser, founder, and CEO of Wellington-Altus, mentions, “Having a base plan that has that applicability, but then tweaking small parts of the plan for each client, introduces a scalability feature to advisors that otherwise would not be possible.”   

Paul Kornfeld, president of SIACharts, discusses their platform’s capabilities, saying, “We’re one of the few systems out there that can compare a stock versus a commodity versus a mutual fund, and tell you out of those three, which one you should be in at any time.”  

He adds that their S&P 500 index ranking simplifies investment choices by advising, “you should be buying Apple over Microsoft.”   

The platforms featured are noted for their innovative solutions. For instance, SIACharts offers 24/7 monitoring, portfolio management, asset allocation, and actionable insights, conducting over 10 billion calculations each night.  

Kornfeld explains their extensive analysis by stating, “We’re doing more analysis than anybody else out there,” emphasizing the platform's ability to generate custom reports and rankings.   

HeyAdvisor, with a focus on customizable content, provides a library of over 120 educational videos and infographics.  

Emily Reed, co-founder, and CEO, explains, “Our biggest differentiator is that we are highly focused on videos and infographics... Because we’re the content creators, we can integrate advisors’ branding into our content.”   

Infinite Investment Systems stands out with its Harmony software, which integrates portfolio management with client relationship management.  

Mike Zegers, vice president of strategy and business development, highlights the comprehensive nature of their service stating, “The application itself is not just used by advisors or portfolio managers, it’s actually run mostly by operators and administrators, people that are reconciling data and trading information regularly.”   

This prestigious list was compiled following an in-depth review process by Wealth Professional, involving interviews with industry experts like Scott Stennett and Shaun Hauser, and assessing each entry for its innovation and proven success.  

The Top 25 not only reflects the best in technology offerings but also the commitment of these companies to advancing the wealth management industry in Canada.