Jarislowsky Fraser introduces new responsible funds

A new partnership with an institutional investor gives donors a new choice

Jarislowsky Fraser introduces new responsible funds
Jarislowsky Fraser and the University of British Columbia (UBC) have collaborated to create the new UBC Sustainable Future Pool, which will be invested in selected Jarislowsky Fraser Fossil Fuel Free funds, to offer a new choice to UBC donors.

“In line with Jarislowsky Fraser’s fundamental approach to sustainable investing and ESG integration, the JF Fossil Fuel Free funds further respond to the needs of both institutional and individual investors,” said Jarislowsky Fraser President Pierre Lapointe.

The JF Fossil Fuel Free funds are a family of private pooled funds that build on the firm’s existing range of sustainable investment strategies. They include the JF Fossil Fuel Free Canadian Equity fund, JF Fossil Fuel Free Global Equity fund and JF Fossil Fuel Free Bond fund.

“This is all about providing choice for our donors,” said UBC Vice President Andrew Simpson. “We now have one endowment with two pools: the Main Endowment Pool and the Sustainable Future Pool, which has additional non-financial investment criteria that specifically target lower carbon emissions.”

The UBC Sustainable Future Pool will invest in the global equity and bond markets, providing a diversified investment vehicle that screens out energy-sector players — except for certain renewable-energy companies — as well as non-energy-sector companies with significant reserves of fossil fuel.

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