Manulife announces plans to optimize asset allocation programs

The enhancements include new products and the merging of some existing offerings

Manulife announces plans to optimize asset allocation programs

Manulife Investments has committed to offering an efficient mutual fund platform for Canadian investors by launching a new asset allocation program and merging a number of portfolios, subject to regulatory and security-holder approvals.

The firm is introducing a new suite of four portfolios: the Manulife Conservative Portfolio, the Manulife Moderate Portfolio, the Manulife Balanced Portfolio, and the Manulife Growth Portfolio. A preliminary prospectus, annual information form, and fund fact documents for the portfolios have been submitted. They will be launched on or about May 5 and will be managed by Manulife Asset Management.

Manulife Investments is also planning to terminate a number of its funds on or about June 2, pending approval from regulators and security-holders following the table below:

Terminating/Merging Funds Continuing Funds (New)
Manulife Diversified Strategies Fund Manulife Conservative Portfolio
Manulife Diversified Income Portfolio
Manulife Leaders Balanced Income Portfolio
Manulife Portrait Conservative Portfolio
Manulife Moderate Portfolio
Manulife Leaders Balanced Growth Portfolio
Manulife Portrait Moderate Portfolio
Manulife Balanced Portfolio
Manulife Leaders Opportunities Portfolio
Manulife Portrait Aggressive Portfolio
Manulife Portrait Dividend Growth & Income Portfolio
Manulife Portrait Dividend Growth & Income Portfolio Class
Manulife Portrait Growth Portfolio
Manulife Portrait Growth Portfolio Class
Manulife Growth Portfolio

Once the mergers have been completed, the firm’s investment platform is expected to be more efficient and streamlined. “These portfolios help remove uncertainty and confusion from investing,” said Manulife Investments President Bernard Letendre, adding that they “provide advisors and investors institutional quality management in an easy-to-access solution.”

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