CIRO reveals priorities for fiscal 2025

Regulator highlights the key areas of their strategies for next year

CIRO reveals priorities for fiscal 2025

The Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization (CIRO) has released its Fiscal 2025 Annual Public Priorities, which builds on last year’s goals and initiate the organization’s three-year Strategic Plan introduced in April.

According to a news release, CIRO will focus on three main areas for fiscal year 2025: integration, regulatory delivery and operations, and strategic objectives.

“These priorities build on last year’s priorities and from CIRO’s three-year Strategic Plan released earlier of this year, while advancing the organization in ways that we know are important to our members, investors and other stakeholders,” said Alexandra William, CIRO’s senior vice-president for member regulation and corporate strategy.

CIRO’s Annual Priorities are designed to provide transparency to members and stakeholders regarding the organization’s focus for the upcoming year. The priorities address industry transformations and changes in investor and member engagement with capital markets.

“Our Annual Priorities provide members and stakeholders with transparency about CIRO’s focus for the next year and how we plan to respond to transformation in the industry and changes in how investors and members engage with capital markets and market participants,” William explained.

A key element of CIRO’s strategic planning was stakeholder consultation. CIRO collected extensive feedback from members and other stakeholders about its current regulatory role and potential improvements. This feedback helped shape the strategic planning process and this year’s priorities.

Several factors influenced the selection of this year’s annual priorities. These include impact on members, investors, and stakeholders; magnitude of impact measured by rule changes, new information, or requests for comments; alignment with Year 1 integration priorities; and balance between regulatory delivery and operations, integration, and strategic priorities.

“CIRO, like all regulators, has a primary responsibility of delivering regulation efficiently and effectively. The successful integration over the next couple of years will support the delivery of our commitments to our members, investors and stakeholders,” Williams stated.

The Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization (CIRO) is the national self-regulatory organization overseeing all investment dealers, mutual fund dealers, and trading activity on Canada’s debt and equity marketplaces.