ATB Wealth's tradition of excellence; celebrating the professional triumphs

ATB Wealth is riding a wave of commendable achievements as Chantalle Bernier joins colleagues Chantelle Martin and Michelle Seymour on the prestigious FP Canada's President's List

ATB Wealth's tradition of excellence; celebrating the professional triumphs

This article was produced in partnership with ATB Wealth.

There must be something in the ATB Wealth water as Chantalle Bernier has proudly become the third individual from ATB Wealth in the last three years to earn a spot on FP Canada’s President's List for being a top-scorer on the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) exam. This hat-trick of honors not only showcases individual excellence but also signifies the culture of diligence and professional development fostered within the team at ATB Wealth.

When Bernier received a call from the president of FP Canada she was apprehensive, expecting a serious discussion about her CFP exam performance. Much to her delight, however, the news was exceedingly positive. Not only had Bernier passed the rigorous exam to secure her CFP credentials, but she also achieved the remarkable feat of scoring the second-highest mark in the country.

Bernier's journey into finance was serendipitous. After a decade in the restaurant industry, she started at MacEwan University where Chantalle found her passion in finance. After graduating, Bernier deliberately targeted ATB Wealth for its culture and the potential for professional growth. Starting as a client service representative, she climbed the ranks within the Wealth Advice Centre, transitioning from an associate to an advisor.

Reflecting on her achievement, Bernier acknowledges the challenge she undertook. Juggling a full-time job while dedicating an average of 30 hours a week to studying, on top of four years of academic preparation, was no easy feat. "The results were unexpected yet thrilling, and they truly affirmed the dedication I put into my studies," Bernier shares with enthusiasm.

In her current role, Bernier takes pride in guiding first-time investors towards a brighter financial future, an endeavor now bolstered by her CFP designation. Looking ahead, Bernier is eyeing the Chartered Financial Analyst certification. “I’m really interested in portfolio management, and I know I’m with the right company to pursue my next goal,” she says. “I love the flexibility I’ve had, the leadership I’ve had, and the support I’ve had in growing my career at ATB.”

Last year, Chantelle Martin, a senior financial advisor with ATB Wealth was the top scorer among 600 professionals nationwide. While navigating the demands of full-time employment and motherhood, she engaged in an arduous educational journey involving 13 planning courses, extensive case studies, and a rigorous final exam, all balanced with family life.

Her diligent studies underscores her relentless commitment to professional development. But she says it was all worth it. “I wish I had done this course 10 years ago. There were pieces I knew, but a lot of pieces that went deeper that I wish I would have known earlier in my career. It’s really helped frame some of the existing challenges I’m working with clients on.”

With over 15 years in the industry, Martin's expertise in wealth management and financial planning is now complemented by the invaluable insights and depth of knowledge gained through the CFP program. In her client interactions, she emphasizes the cultivation of trust, guiding them through the emotional landscape of financial decisions to ensure a fulfilling life.

ATB Wealth's hat trick of top-scorers started with Michelle Seymour who wrote the CFP Exam in November 2019 and received the news that she had received first place on the FP Canada's President's List in early 2020. 

While she started out as a Tax & Succession Specialist with ATB Wealth, Seymour observed the overlap between tax and other areas of financial planning. “Pursuing CFP certification seemed a natural step to broaden my knowledge. I had the privilege of learning from the expertise of other ATB team members including those that were preparing for the CFP exam at the same time,” Seymour says. Seymour is currently the Managing Director of Wealth Planning at ATB Wealth and uses her CFP knowledge daily. 

Bernier, Martin and Seymour’s stories speak to the ethos of ATB Wealth, where perseverance, continuous learning, and a client-centered approach are paramount. Their stories reflect not just personal triumphs but also ATB Wealth's commitment to fostering talent that can lead clients to financial security and peace of mind.