Top tips for successful goal setting

Begin the new year with these tips

These questions need to be answered in order to snag that potential client:

Think rationally and emotionally
Think logically to create goals that are specific and can realistically be achieved – but remember to make them exciting, so that staff can connect to them and be motivated by them.

Use aspirational language
When describing what you hope to achieve, make it about moving towards success rather than moving away from failure. For example, “We want to be the most desirable place to work in our sector,” is more inspiring than “We need to reduce turnover.” 

Visualize success
Envisioning a successful outcome and believing that it is achievable is a technique popular amongst high performing athletes.

Be clear on the first step
If the first step towards achieving a goal is clear and obtainable, it will make moving forwards easier – the greater objective will seem more achievable.

Celebrate success
Celebrate each milestone on the journey towards your overall goal. This is a technique used by high performing individuals and teams to sustain momentum.