Students face suspension over incomplete immunization

Suspension orders sent out as Canadian government announces plans to extend program

Students face suspension over incomplete immunization
Health officials in Toronto may suspend as many as 320 elementary students as their immunization records are reported to be incomplete.

According to a statement issued to the Toronto Sun, Toronto Public Health has sent out around 5,000 suspension orders to elementary students who were born in 2008 and for whom immunization records are not up to date, during this school year alone. The report suggests that 584 schools have received the orders with active suspensions already under way.

The crackdown has occurred as World Immunization Week begins and with health minister Eric Hoskins announcing that the government will expand its HPV vaccine program to boys. According to recent information, HPV leads to 254 deaths and 1,094 cancer cases across the province every year.

Speaking about the proposals, Hoskins outlined to the Toronto Star that the government has a goal to ensure that as many Ontarians as possible get the vaccinations they need. He outlined that there is “indisputable evidence” that vaccines are both effective and safe.

However, others challenge the effectiveness and safety of vaccines with parents pointing out that there is no recourse against the manufacturer of the vaccine when children are injured.

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