Pregnant woman gets health coverage reprieve

Mother-to-be was originally asked to pay $12,000 for her forthcoming childbirth

A Chinese woman who was asked to pay a $12,000 deposit to the Quebec government for her forthcoming childbirth has received a reprieve – thanks to some government intervention.

The case of Liang Zhong made national headlines as she took on extra shifts at work in an effort to fund her child’s birth after she discovered that the province wouldn’t allow her to renew her health coverage despite having lived in Quebec since 2008.

Zhong had recently switched her work permit classification due to the length of time that had passed since her university course was completed. The new permit did not entitle her to health coverage within the province.

Her husband Jason Lizotte made an appeal to Quebec Health Minister Gaetan Barrette – and he finally intervened on their behalf.

However, while satisfied with the conclusion of her own case, Zhong remains concerned that other people on open work permits may face similar difficulties in the future.