Palliative care leave could increase

Party promises to extend leave for those caring for family members near the end of their lives

Palliative care leave could increase
After employment insurance benefits were increased in cases of compassionate care, there is now talk of extending the palliative care leave period.

The idea has been brought forward by the Saskatchewan Party which is suggesting that it would increase the leave period if it were to be elected on April 4.

In a Canadian Press report, Brad Wall, the leader of the party, commented that he wanted to increase the leave period from eight weeks to 26 weeks. The suggestion comes after the Federal Government extended benefits for employment insurance to 26 weeks.

While campaigning in Regina, Wall outlined that his party would also look to reduce health authority costs by around $7.5 million – while allocating these savings towards long-term care. Patients would also be allowed to pay privately for CT scans as long as the second scan was carried out within the public waiting list: this two-for-one concept is already being used across the province for MRIs.

According to Wall, “more could be done” to improve the province’s health care record.