Ontario Blue Cross eases health insurance premiums

Firm unveils additional effort to support entrepreneurs, self-employed workers, and other valued clients

Ontario Blue Cross eases health insurance premiums

Ontario Blue Cross has announced plans to reduce individual health insurance premiums for dental and health care benefits.

The reduction, which corresponds to 50% of the cost of dental care and 20% of the cost of the extended health care insurance benefit, is set to apply automatically to clients’ accounts for three months, beginning on May 1.

The situation we're in is exceptional, but it doesn't change our commitment to continually support the people who trust us,” said Ontario Blue Cross President and CEO Sylvain Charbonneau.

According to Charbonneau, the organization’s health insurance clients consist mainly of entrepreneurs, self-employed workers, small-business owners, and employees without access to group insurance. Retirees and members of associations also represent some of the firm’s client base for its health insurance products.

“We are therefore taking exceptional measures to reduce their financial burden in this time of crisis,” he said.

The newly announced targeted premium reduction augments other measures that have been introduced to help ease conditions for Ontario Blue Crossed insureds. The firm has expanded the coverage for such clients to include access to virtual consultations with healthcare professionals such as dietitians, nutritionists, speech therapists, and psychologists, depending on the provisions in each contract.