New partnership forged to improve health in the Canadian workforce

Two entities have teamed up to improve health in organizations across Canada

New partnership forged to improve health in the Canadian workforce
Canadian corporate wellness provider Heidary Health has teamed up with Excellence Canada, a national authority on organizational quality. With their new partnership, the two aim to create healthier workforces by improving physical and mental health in organizations across Canada.

An independent, not-for-profit corporation, Excellence Canada helps thousands of organizations develop cultures of quality improvement and become best-in-class role models. It has developed several benchmarks for health and wellness, including the Excellence, Innovation and Wellness Standard; the Mental Health at Work Framework; and the Healthy Workplace Standard.

“Excellence Canada is pleased to welcome Heidary Health as the Champion of Excellence for Healthy Workplace,” said Excellence Canada President and CEO Allan Edebes. “Their scientific approach to measuring and analysing organizational wellness fits well with meeting several requirements of our Standards.”

Heidary Health provides private and secure programs that let employers reduce benefit plan costs and absenteeism. The programs also help attract and retain great talent and increase productivity overall.

“Our wellness program is innovative and offers benefits not only to the employees, but contributes to overall company success, focusing on wellness by addressing important health issues such as stress, lifestyle risks, and mental illness,” said Heidary Health CEO Dr. Walter Heidary

The company goes beyond traditional corporate wellness programs. The Heidary Health Methodology features blood screening for issues ranging from hypertension to food intolerances, and even markers for cancer.

“Today's employees are facing increased stress levels, which in turn affects their productivity,” Heidary said. “We take all relevant factors into account and create an advanced, forward-looking wellness solution that is a win-win for employees and the company.”

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