Manulife moves to promote COVID-19 vaccination

Group benefit and individual insurance customers who get inoculated can get rewarded under innovative program

Manulife moves to promote COVID-19 vaccination

While the number of Canadians eager to get their COVID-19 vaccine has been rising, many remain are still hesitant to do so. With that in mind, Manulife is taking steps to encourage more people to get protected against the novel coronavirus.

Starting this spring, group benefit and individual insurance customers who are enrolled under the Manulife Vitality program will have the option to share proof that they received their COVID-19 vaccination. In exchange, they will be awarded 400 Vitality Points, which will count toward their progress in achieving new status levels and unlocking different rewards within the program.

“The pandemic has had a significant impact on people's health and mental wellbeing,” said Manulife Canada President and CEO Mike Doughty. “We have been standing with our customers in helping them navigate this challenging time.”

A behaviour-focused program, Manulife Vitality encourages Canadians to get healthier through the use of rewards. Users who engage in simple activities like eating well and exercising are given Vitality Points; the more engaged a user is, the more points they earn and the more rewards they stand to get.

Aside from giving out points under the new COVID-19 vaccine acceptance initiative, Manulife Vitality will be sending prompts and informative communications about the vaccine to program members, fostering a shared understanding of its importance in an effort to promote and protect health during the pandemic and beyond.

“Rewarding positive actions such as supporting the COVID-19 vaccine is one more way we're showing up to support the health of individuals, their families and communities across Canada,” Doughty said.