Manulife announces renewal of mental health partnership

The financial services group wants to help organizations work toward a national standard

Manulife announces renewal of mental health partnership
Manulife has announced the extension of its partnership with Excellence Canada, under which the company will act as their Champion of Excellence for Mental Health at Work.

“For years now we have seen mental health issues affecting a growing number of Canadians both in our employee base and among the groups we insure,” said Kathy McIlwham, vice president for wellness, disability and life at Manulife. “Our hope is that through education and prevention other organizations will join in adopting the National Standard for a mentally healthy workplace.”

To help Canadians achieve the state of mental health necessary to be at their best, Manulife has collaborated with Excellence Canada to develop a comprehensive guide on improving mental health at work for organizations. Titled Mental Health at Work Essentials, the guide is designed for organizations of all sizes in any industry.

The guide can also help in organizational implementation of the Voluntary National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace, which was launched by the Mental Health Commission of Canada in 2013. Tools, templates, and strategies in the guide let organizations establish a foundation for a mentally safe and health workplace as they work toward certification from Excellence Canada.

The guide is accessible on Excellence Canada’s website. Employers and employees can also find free resources and videos on Manulife’s Workplace Solutions for Mental Health website. These programs aim to reduce costs related to absenteeism, disability, and diseases caused or exacerbated by psychological illness, among others.

“Organizations are making major inroads toward addressing and preventing mental illness but most are still in the early stages of what is necessarily a long-term journey to excellence,” said Excellence Canada President and CEO Allan Ebedes. “Our hope is that this partnership will help more organizations achieve that objective.”

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