Legendary DJ Casey Kasem’s insurance issues finally settled

In a lengthy battle over life insurance payouts a U.S. court has ruled in favour of the star’s four adult children denying his wife $2 million

A U.S. court ruled last week that Casey Kasem’s four adult children would receive a $2 million payout from an insurance policy, one of two held by the former host of America’s Top 40, on his death in June 2014.

Almost immediately after the radio DJ died of dementia in Gig Harbor, Washington, the family and wife have battled it over the insurance payout. Both parties accusing the other of having something to do with the late radio host’s death.

MetLife, the insurance carrier insuring Kasem’s life, asked the courts to decide who should be awarded the $2 million. The judge ruled in favour of the children stating “the trustee is the sole and rightful beneficiary.”

Kasem’s second wife Jean, who was married to the DJ for 30 years, will still collect $2 million from a second policy held on his life. That was never in dispute in this situation.

However, those close to the situation suspect that the bad blood between the kids and Kasem’s second wife aren’t anywhere near completion.

This past May the four children petitioned the courts to have their stepmom prosecuted for elder abuse of their father. Los Angeles prosecutors refused to take the bait.

“This is just a step in the right direction,” said the lawyer responsible for the contested insurance policy. “However, it doesn’t even feel its anywhere in the ballpark of being finished.”