It’s not a business – it’s a calling

One man is helping life insurance agents and advisors across Canada make the most of whatever comes their way

Known as “the re-energizer”, Jim Ruta, of AdvisorCraft Media & Consulting, aims to rebuild, reposition and reinvigorate financial advisors – and especially those within the life insurance business. However, is coaching something you should really consider and how can it help? Life and Health Professional caught up with Jim Ruta to find out.

- You’re a coach for life insurance agents - tell us about your background and how did you get into coaching?
I’ve done it all in life insurance distribution. I started as an in-house career agent. I had my own insurance agency. I had two years in head office and led four agencies with three companies. The last was on Bay Street in Toronto with 250 advisors and $6 million FYC. I was an assistant manager, associate manager, agency manager, branch manager, divisional manager, regional manager and regional executive manager. I helped found two Managing General Agencies. I started coaching in 1999 because I knew most advisors and managers could still use a ‘manager’ to help them overcome obstacles, take on new challenges and do their best. I knew out-of-the-box coaches, without my real-world experience, couldn’t do what I had already been doing for 20 years. I am professionally equipped and positioned to help advisors and managers at all levels do better.  
- What makes a good coach? 
Good coaches care about you. It’s not a business, it’s a calling. Good coaches understand your business and what it takes to succeed because they’ve lived it. They hold your hand from strategy to tactics to minimize the time to implement and change for the better. Good coaches deliver the processes, templates, content and systems needed to upgrade yourself and your business. They show you how to be amazing and stay with you until you are.
- How can you help advisors and agents? Are there any common themes with your coaching?
Advisors and managers get the most from me when they want to:
  1. Get unstuck from a productivity rut and do better
  2. Start something new in their business – market, approach, style
  3. Start off a new advisor/manager on the right foot
  4. Take their business to the next higher level
  5. Re-market their business using their market strengths
  6. Re-energize their business with a business development mindset
  7. Be a better speaker and presenter
  8. Move through a crisis successfully and quickly
The common theme is “the winning perspective”, making your reality work to your advantage.
- Are advisors and agents open to receiving coaching or do you face hostility?
I can only coach advisors who want it. Advisors have to be prepared to listen, to take advice and to get to work. Coaching is not for everyone. 
- Finally, do you have any advice for our readers?
Your most important decision is the right market for your business. Targeting those best suited for and most susceptible to your favourite advice makes you the best advisor you can be‎. It becomes your purpose and it changes the nature of every activity and experience required to achieve it, making it easier to accomplish.