FSCO warns of million dollar mail scam

The regulator warned of a scam being conducted by a Toronto-based company.

FSCO warns of million dollar mail scam
The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) warned the public about a mail scam conducted by the unlicensed company Cornerstone Assurance Brokers Inc., Division of Unclaimed Funds.
The Toronto-based entity appears to have issued notices advising the recipient that they were among the winners of a U.S. Telecommunication Lottery Sweepstakes Million Dollar draw, and their telephone number was attached to their name and drawn as the winning number.
The notice states that Cornerstone Assurance Brokers Inc. has been contacted by the multi-state Lottery Association to find winners that have not claimed their winnings and to help them with the laws and protocol as mandated by Federal and State regulations on sweepstakes winnings.
The recipient then receives a check from Cornerstone to help them pay taxes, insurance, handling and shipping fees.
They are told a Telecommunications Lottery Sweepstakes representative in their area will deliver the rest of the winnings to them by direct cheque after they complete the claim process with an agent.
They are provided with a name and a telephone number to activate the cheque and start the claiming process.