Canada life insurance murder plot takes new twist

Man faces second trial – and he doesn’t want it held in Canadian town

There have been plenty of complexities in the alleged life insurance murder case revolving around former New Zealand politician Peter Beckett and his deceased wife: and now things have taken a new twist.
Beckett, 59, is charged with murdering his wife Laura Letts-Beckett in Upper Arrow Lake in 2010. The couple were living in Westlock, around 90km north of Edmonton, but were on holiday in British Columbia when Letts-Beckett passed away. Last month, at the end of a lengthy trial, the jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict and a mistrial was declared. Now, with a second trial looming, Beckett has asked to move proceedings away from Kamloops.
Speaking at a pre-trial conference, Beckett’s lawyer Donna Turko suggested that an application will be made to move the trial to a different city due to the publicity it had received.
Prosecutors have alleged that Beckett drowned his wife in order to reap the benefits of her life insurance policy and teacher’s pension. However, Beckett maintains that his wife died because she either fell into the lake or committed suicide.
When Letts-Beckett died she was not wearing a life jacket and was also deemed to not be a strong swimmer.