SEI Canada announces fund changes

Firm plans new classes, closures, and renaming of selected offerings

SEI Canada announces fund changes

SEI Canada has announced plans to make a variety of changes to certain fund offerings.

The firm said it intends to launch Class FC and FC(H) units for its U.S. High Yield Bond Fund.

It is also to close its offering of Class S units for the All Equity Fund, Balanced Fund, Growth Fund, and Moderate Fund, as well as the Global Managed Volatility Fund.

Closures are also planned for Class E, F, and F(H) Units of the U.S. Large Cap Index Fund, as well as the U.S. Small Company Equity Fund.

SEI Canada is also looking to rename its asset allocation funds. Its Balanced Fund will be renamed Neutral Balanced Fund, Growth Fund will be renamed Balanced Growth Fund, and Moderate Fund will be renamed Income Balanced Fund.

More details of the changes can be found in preliminary and pro forma filing of the simplified prospectus dated May 26, 2020. The funds’ investment objectives and strategies are to remain the same.

The changes will take effect upon filing of the final simplified prospectus, which is expected on or about June 29, 2020.


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