IG announces changes to fund shelf

The firm announced changes to certain investment objectives, mergers, and a new fixed-income pool

IG announces changes to fund shelf

IG Wealth Management has announced the approval of fund investment objective changes, which it says streamline its mutual fund offering and introduce portfolio efficiencies.

During meetings on December 4, security holders approved changes to the following funds’ and classes’ investment objectives:

  • Investors Canadian Natural Resource Fund
  • Investors Canadian Small Cap Growth Fund
  • Investors Canadian Small Cap Growth Class
  • Investors Canadian Small Cap Class
  • IG Mackenzie Cundill Global Value Class
  • Investors Canadian Equity Class
  • IG Mackenzie Canadian Equity Growth Class
  • Investors Canadian Growth Class
  • Investors Canadian Large Cap Value Class
  • IG Putnam Low Volatility U.S. Equity Class

The changes are expected to take effect in January.

In addition, the firm announced the following mergers, which are expected to take effect on or about February 8:

Finally, the firm also announced a partnership with PIMCO Canada to offer the new iProfile Fixed Income Pool, which invests primarily in a diversified selection of global government and corporate debt securities. The pool is promoted as a way for individual clients to access institutional wealth management and diversification opportunities, with expert portfolio managers to handle their investments.

"IG Wealth Management is thrilled to have one of the world's premier fixed income investment management firms as part of our asset manager group,” said Jon Kilfoyle, senior vice president at IG Investments. “PIMCO has a demonstrated track record of innovation and expertise that seeks to create opportunities for investors in every environment.”