TDAM unveils new cash management ETF

The new ETF aims to boost cash portions in portfolios with high-quality securities

TDAM unveils new cash management ETF

TD Asset Management Inc. (TDAM) has launched the TD Cash Management ETF (TCSH), a new actively managed fixed income Exchange-Traded Fund, now trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

This addition, announced in Newswire Canada, to TDAM's solution suite aims to provide investors with an effective strategy to enhance the cash component of their portfolios.

“A well-diversified portfolio usually includes a cash component which historically has come at the expense of portfolio returns,” explained Bruce Cooper, chief executive officer at TDAM.

He continued, “TCSH seeks to maximize the cash portion of investors' portfolios through investments in high-quality securities while constantly monitoring global macroeconomic trends to take advantage of relevant opportunities in the market.”

Cooper also emphasized the significance of this launch for TDAM, highlighting their proprietary independent credit research capabilities. He added, “This launch offers a compelling avenue for investors looking for a potential to earn a high rate of interest income.”

The TCSH is designed to earn a high rate of interest income, focusing on preserving capital and maintaining liquidity. It primarily invests in high-quality debt securities, including money market and short-term fixed income securities issued by Canadian federal and provincial governments, corporations, and trusts.