SmartBe enhances its ETF lineup

New factor-based index ETFs expand on exclusive partnership with research-focused asset manager

SmartBe enhances its ETF lineup

SmartBe Wealth is launching four new ETFs on the NEO Exchange to provide Canadian investors with access to smart-beta investing strategies.

The new ETFs, which aim to provide investors with exposure to long-only quantitative value and momentum strategies focused on Canadian and U.S. stocks, include:



SmartBe Canadian Quantitative Momentum Index ETF


SmartBe Canadian Quantitative Value Index ETF


SmartBe U.S. Quantitative Momentum Index ETF


SmartBe U.S. Quantitative Value Index ETF


“The community has spoken and we listened,” said Rod Heard, co-founder and CEO of SmartBe Wealth. “These funds are unique in Canada and represent a new opportunity for Canadians to add concentrated factor exposure to their portfolios.”

The new ETFs were developed by SmartBe through an exclusive partnership with Alpha Architect, a research-focused asset management firm whose reputation has been built on its emphasis on high-conviction momentum and value factor exposures.

“The U.S. market appears to be a few years ahead of the Canadian market when it comes to the widespread adoption of ETFs and strategies based on scientific investing,” said Alpha Architect CEO Wes Gray. “We buy into SmartBe’s vision of creating the leading quantitative investment boutique in Canada and partnered with SmartBe because of our shared values in transparency and education.”


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