Mackenzie launches new ETF portfolios

The new products provide easier access to the firm’s active, strategic-beta, and traditional index ETFs

Mackenzie launches new ETF portfolios
Mackenzie Investments has announced the launch of the Mackenzie Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Portfolios. The five new mutual-fund portfolios provide convenient access to a full spectrum of the firm’s ETFs.

“We have entered an era where investors are looking for innovative investment options,” said Mackenzie Investments President and CEO Barry McInerney. “Our new Mackenzie ETF Portfolios represent the next stage in our firm's constant commitment to delivering value to advisors and their clients.”

Each portfolio has a different risk profile and investment objective, which it satisfies by investing in Mackenzie’s active, strategic-beta, and index ETFs. Aside from strategic and tactical asset allocation, the portfolios are run with active currency management.

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“The Mackenzie ETF Portfolios offer the best of both worlds, combining the versatility of ETFs with the accessibility of mutual funds,” said Michael Schnitman, senior vice president for Product at Mackenzie Investments.

The portfolios include:
  • Mackenzie Conservative Income ETF Portfolio: aiming for steady income and capital preservation, the fund’s asset mix will be kept close to 75% fixed-income and 25% equity securities.
  • Mackenzie Conservative ETF Portfolio: designed for steady income and potential long-term capital appreciation, its asset mix will be kept close to 65% fixed-income and 35% equity securities.
  • Mackenzie Balanced ETF Portfolio: seeking a balance between income and long-term capital appreciation, the portfolio mix will be kept close to 50% equity and 50% fixed-income securities.
  • Mackenzie Moderate Growth ETF Portfolio: aims for a balance between long-term capital appreciation and income, with an emphasis on long-term capital appreciation. Its managers will keep the asset mix close to 60% equity and 40% fixed-income securities.
  • Mackenzie Growth ETF Portfolio: targeting long-term capital appreciation and some income, its asset mix will be kept close to 75% equity securities and 25% fixed-income securities.

The asset-mix allocations for each portfolio may vary by up to 10% from the indicated values.