Mackenzie launches four new ETFs, reopens access to mutual funds

New ETFs includes three fixed income options and a single-ticket equity solution

Mackenzie launches four new ETFs, reopens access to mutual funds
Steve Randall

Mackenzie Investments has launched four new exchange-traded funds and re-opened access to two of its mutual funds.

The new ETFs includes a suite of three fixed income ETFs and a single-ticket equity solution with initial offerings now closed and the funds trading on the TSX.

The fixed income options provide exposure to fixed income securities with a term to maturity matching the ETFs' target time horizon, from ultra-short- to long-term and include:

  • Mackenzie Canadian Ultra Short Bond Index ETF (QASH)
  • Mackenzie Canadian Government Long Bond Index ETF (QLB)
  • Mackenzie US Government Long Bond Index ETF (QTLT)

Management fees are 0.15% for QASH and 0.18% for QLB and QTLT.

"These new offerings seek to help investors strategically adjust their core fixed income positions to changing market and economic conditions, while also generating investment income," said Prerna Mathews, VP, ETF Product Strategy, Mackenzie Investments. "They can serve as an effective portfolio diversifier and provide investors with a useful tool to help manage interest rate risks."

Meanwhile, the Mackenzie All-Equity Allocation ETF (MEQT) seeks to maintain a long-term strategic asset allocation of 100% equity securities by investing in a diversified portfolio of Mackenzie index equity ETFs. It will be managed by the firm’s Multi-Asset Strategies Team and will have a management fee of 0.17%.

"We're excited to extend our Asset Allocation line-up with the Mackenzie All-Equity Allocation ETF. Designed to be a competitively priced, single-ticket core equity solution, the ETF can help investors achieve their goals by minimizing the need – and associated costs – of trading multiple ETFs, as well as making the rebalancing process easier," added Mathews.

Mutual funds

Mackenzie has also announced the lifting of the soft cap it put on two of its mutual fund offerings at the end of October 2020, which effectively re-opens access for new investors.

Having monitored the capacity of the Mackenzie US Small-Mid Cap Growth Fund and the Mackenzie US Small-Mid Cap Growth Currency Neutral Fund, the firm says that now is the appropriate time to allow new investments into the funds.

The funds generally seek to invest in high-quality, innovative, secular growth businesses with an initial market capitalization of greater than $500 million at the time of initial investment by the fund.

"We're pleased to be able to once again make these Funds available to investors who have been eagerly awaiting this opportunity," said Kristi Ashcroft, EVP, Products and Solutions, Mackenzie Investments. "Opening the Funds to new investments will provide more investors with enhanced access to strong growth potential in the U.S. small-mid cap space."