Mackenzie, Horizons, Dynamic launch a range of new Canadian funds

The choice of funds available to Canadian investors continues to expand

Mackenzie, Horizons, Dynamic launch a range of new Canadian funds
Steve Randall

Three Canadian investment stalwarts have announced new funds to broaden the range of options available for investors and portfolio managers as diversification demands intensify.

Mackenzie Investments has added a true U.S. dollar sustainable investing experience to give investors exposure to the environmental economy with a substantially similar investment strategy as the existing Mackenzie Greenchip Global Environmental All Cap Fund.

The fund will invest in global equities of firms that are focused on areas such as clean and renewable energy, clean-up technology, energy efficiency, water, transportation and sustainable agriculture.

"We're thrilled to offer Canadians our award-winning Fund in U.S. dollars to take advantage of the opportunities to own companies participating in the global energy transition," said John Cook, SVP, Portfolio Manager and Co-Lead of the Mackenzie Greenchip Team. "The Greenchip Global Environmental All Cap Fund was built to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable economy, and with the new USD version of the Fund, we're enabling greater opportunity for Canadians to be an active part of that transition and better align their investments with their values."

Mackenzie has also launched the Mackenzie All-Equity ETF Portfolio to offer investors a competitively priced, all-in-one core equity solution.

"We're excited to offer this new diversified equity solution that provides efficient access to foreign and domestic equity markets," said Kristi Ashcroft, EVP, Products & Solutions. "We've designed the Fund with the cost-conscious investor in mind. It actively manages exposures across various segments of global equity markets, while leveraging the benefits of ETF investing to keep fees competitive."

Horizons ETFs

Horizons ETFs has launched a total of six new funds this week.

Four of them are part of the firm’s Asset Allocation ETFs:  Horizons Enhanced All-Equity Asset Allocation ETF, Horizons Growth Asset Allocation Covered Call ETF, Horizons Enhanced All-Equity Asset Allocation Covered Call ETF, and Horizons Growth Asset Allocation ETF.

"The demand for accessible asset allocation options to strengthen and diversify portfolios is clear, and we are responding to the needs of Canadian investors by bringing more choice to an ETF category that has largely been limited to three options: conservative, balanced and growth," said Rohit Mehta, president and CEO of Horizons ETFs. "You've asked, we've listened: the launch of these new ETFs means that Canadian investors can decide how they want to tailor their asset allocation exposure with Horizons ETFs, including if they're looking for the potential of more income, greater growth potential or a mix of both."

The other two new funds are part of Horizons’ Equity Essentials ETFs: Horizons Enhanced NASDAQ-100 Covered Call ETF and Horizons Enhanced Canadian Oil and Gas Equity Covered Call ETF.

The suite of funds offers investors multiple ways to optimize their risk exposure and performance potential with the three largest equity categories in Canada: Large-Cap Canadian Equity, Large-Cap U.S. Equity, and Canadian Financial Services Equity.

"Since the launch of our Equity Essentials lineup, two particular exposures within the suite – the NASDAQ-100 and Canada's oil & gas sector – have become increasingly at the forefront of investor attention, as confidence in technology companies returns and the price of oil increases," said Mehta. "We're excited to introduce these two ETFs into our Equity Essentials suite and provide investors with more opportunities to expand their exposure to these two key indices, while employing covered call strategies to potentially boost monthly income."

Dynamic Funds

Finally, Dynamic Funds has launched a new liquid alternative solution, Dynamic Credit Opportunities Fund, which seeks to generate absolute returns over a complete market cycle through long and short positions in primarily corporate debt securities.

The fund invests in multiple asset classes in a bid to enhance risk-adjusted returns. These asset classes include investment-grade corporate bonds, high yield bonds, preferred shares, hybrids, and loans.

"The challenge of today's macroeconomic environment is that it continues to shift and change. This new liquid alternative fund gives our experienced, specialized credit investment management team the flexibility to navigate across fixed-income sectors and tap into alternative strategies to capture opportunities where and when they appear, while managing risk," explained Mark Brisley, managing director, Dynamic Funds.