Hamilton ETFs launches four new funds

Hamilton ETFs expands suite to nine, managing over $1.4bn across diverse sectors

Hamilton ETFs launches four new funds

Hamilton Capital Partners Inc., known as Hamilton ETFs, has announced the introduction of four new additions to its popular Yield Maximizer ETFs lineup, aimed at offering high tax-efficient monthly income.

The newly launched ETFs, namely the Hamilton Gold Producers Yield Maximizer ETF (AMAX), Hamilton Energy Yield Maximizer ETF (EMAX), Hamilton U.S. Financials Yield Maximizer ETF (FMAX), and Hamilton Healthcare Yield Maximizer ETF (LMAX), aim to deliver attractive monthly income.

This expansion increases the suite to nine ETFs, with a collective asset under management (AUM) of over $1.4bn, spanning a variety of North American equity sectors and fixed income.

They offer exposure to equal-weighted equity portfolios in their respective sectors, primarily domiciled or listed in Canada and the United States. To achieve this, each ETF employs an active covered call strategy to reduce volatility, mitigate risk, and augment dividend income.

Pat Sommerville, senior partner and head of business development at Hamilton ETFs, expressed excitement about the addition of these sector-specific ETFs. He highlighted the continued popularity of Yield Maximizer ETFs among investors seeking higher tax-efficient monthly income.

“Like our other, [the four new ETFs] will employ an innovative, income-first approach to covered call writing, managed by our experienced options team to help investors achieve their monthly income goals,” stated Sommerville.

The initial offering of Class E units for each of the new ETFs has been successfully closed, and these units began trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange on February 7, 2024, under their respective ticker symbols.

Hamilton ETFs, with over $3.8bn in assets under management, offers a suite of exchange-traded funds that focus on maximizing income and growth from trusted sectors in Canada and globally.