Multi-boutique asset manager launches UCITS funds

New offerings provide access to quantitative emerging market and market-neutral equity strategies

Multi-boutique asset manager launches UCITS funds

Connor, Clark, & Lunn Financial Group, one of Canada’s largest independent asset management firms has unveiled new funds with a focus on quantitative equity strategies.

The firm has announced the launch of the Connor, Clark & Lunn UCITS ICAV, whose initial sub-funds include the CC&L Q Emerging Markets Equity UCITS Fund and the CC&L Q Global Equity Market Neutral UCITS Fund.

The investment manager for the funds is Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management Ltd. A Vancouver-based boutique, its team of 100 professionals manage US$41.7 billion across a variety of asset classes.

“We have successfully managed quantitative equity strategies for over two decades,” said CC&L Investment Management President & CIO Martin Gerber. “Launching UCITS funds for our emerging markets and market neutral strategies allows these strategies to be available to European investors.

An active long-only equity strategy, the CC&L Q Emerging Markets Equity UCITS Fund targets long-term capital growth relative to emerging-market equity indices. Meanwhile, the CC&L Q Global Equity Market Neutral UCITS Fund seeks to generate returns with a low correlation to global equity markets and maximise returns over the long term through an active long/short equity strategy.

Central to CC&L Investment Management's philosophy is the idea that the growth, valuation and quality fundamentals of a company dictate the prices of its equity securities over the long term, but imperfections in the market-pricing process – including behavioural, informational, and structural hurdles and frictions – can prevent stock prices from efficiently reflecting those fundamentals.

CC&L Investment Management looks for opportunities to add value by seeking out instances of market mispricing. It evaluates such opportunities daily by systematically and objectively assessing each company in relation to its global universe consisting of roughly 16,000 securities across 160 industry groups and 49 developed and emerging countries. The result is an optimal portfolio that consistently invests in companies that will provide the best return possible while adhering to disciplined risk management.

“CC&L Investment Management's experienced team and disciplined approach to investing provide the necessary foundation for success as they expand their product offering into Europe,” said Warren Stoddart, co-CEO of the Connor Clark & Lunn Financial Group.


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