Alternative asset firm launches liquid alt mutual funds

The new offerings are Canada’s first family of ‘liquid alt’ alternative mutual funds

Alternative asset firm launches liquid alt mutual funds

EdgeHill Partners has launched the first family of prospectus-offered “liquid alt” alternative mutual funds in Canada.

Available to retail investors under the EHP Funds brand, they utilize long/short strategies previously accessible only to high-net-worth and institutional investors. The funds use the alternative framework proposal for conventional mutual funds; they also offer daily liquidity, low minimum investments, transparent holdings, and are closely regulated under National Instrument 81-102: Investment Funds.

“The new proposed alternative mutual fund rules, under which EHP Funds operate, expand the investing toolkit that managers have access to,” said Jason Mann, co-founder and CIO of EHP Funds. “Our funds are designed to limit volatility and downside versus traditional funds. These funds can help diversify portfolios and improve investment outcomes, regardless of market direction.”

The EHP funds launched are:

  • EHP Guardian Alternative Fund – A defensive North American long/short fund that aims to generate positive absolute returns;
  • EHP Guardian International Alternative Fund – also designed to create positive absolute returns, it’s an international long/short strategy;
  • EHP Advantage Alternative Fund – A diversified North American “all-weather” long/short fund that optimally balances returns and capital preservation;
  • EHP Advantage International Alternative Fund – also aiming for an optimal balance between returns and capital preservation, it’s a diversified international “all-weather” long/short fund;
  • EHP Select Alternative Fund – focused on Canadian equities, a Canadian long/short fund that delivers performance while mitigating downside with a proprietary “risk gearing” methodology; and
  • EHP Global Arbitrage Alternative Fund – A diversified portfolio of arbitrage opportunities that aims to generate positive absolute returns


“Alternative mutual funds have been offered to retail investors for years in the U.S. and Europe, and we're excited to be a leader in offering them to Canadians through IIROC advisors at bank-owned and independent dealers,” Mann said.


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