Federated Hermes Inc.

Office address: 1001 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15222, USA
Website: www.federatedhermes.com  
Year established: 1955 
Company type: financial services 
Employees: over 2,000 
Expertise: investment management 
Parent company: N.A. 
CEO and key people: J. Christopher Donahue, President and CEO 
Financing status: N.A. 

Federated Hermes Inc. is one of the world’s leading global asset managers offering a wide range of investment products and services. The company is known for its strong investment performance, commitment to client service, and innovative approach to asset management. 

History of Federated Hermes Inc. 

In 1955, former high school classmates John F. Donahue and Richard B. Fisher built what was then known as Federated. Throughout its early history, Federated was known for a number of firsts such as the first SEC-registered fund and the first institutional-only money market fund.  

In 1982, Federated was sold to Aetna Life & Casualty Co., but Federated bought itself back in 1989. There was no turning back from that point. The company established offices in Ireland and New York. Federated also acquired other businesses, including a majority interest in Hermes Investment Management in 2018. 

In 2020, Federated and Hermes merged to form Federated Hermes Inc. The merger created a global company with $668.9 billion in assets under management. Federated Hermes is now one of the largest asset managers in the world. 

Products and Services of Federated Hermes Inc. 

Federated Hermes offers a wide range of investment products and services to clients around the world. These products and services include: 

  • mutual funds 
  • annuities ​​​​​​​
  • institutional separate accounts 
  • investment advisory services 

Culture at Federated Hermes Inc. 

Responsible investing is at the core of Federated Hermes. It takes ESG principles into account when bringing a new client onboard, all while staying true to the company’s sustainability practices.  

The company has even come up with a corporate pledge, committing to put clients first while being mindful of the community and the environment. Over 96% of Federated Hermes employees have signed this pledge.  

The leadership at Federated Hermes also continues to promote programs that support diversity and inclusion across its 14 offices worldwide. 

About Federated Hermes Inc President and CEO J. Christopher Donahue 

J. Christopher Donahue has been the president and CEO since 1998. He first joined the company in 1972 as a law clerk. Over the years, he held a number of key positions, including being president and COO from 1993 to 1998.  

Donahue is an alumnus of Princeton University and the University of Pittsburg School of Law.  

Future at Federated Hermes Inc. 

Federated Hermes has a strong track record of investment performance, a deep understanding of the markets, and a commitment to innovation. It is expanding its presence in key markets around the world without losing sight of its Responsible Investing ethos. There is no doubt - Federated Hermes will continue to grow and succeed in the years to come.