Ext. Marketing

Extending your message in financial services

Richard Heft of Ext. Marketing explains the conditions that allowed him to launch a business and thrive in the industry

Social media missteps cost advisors

Investment advisors are coming around to the reality that they need to reach out to clients on social media – but the temptation for a quick buck can quickly turn into a blunder with the wrong marketing approach

Wealth Professional and Invesco go to bat for Nepal

The Wealth Professional Awards brought to you by Invesco will not only raise the profile of leading advisors from across Canada but also funds for Nepal Earthquake survivors.

Finalists for the WP Awards brought to you by Invesco

The second round of finalists for the Wealth Professional Awards brought to you by Invesco have been revealed – have you made the cut?

Sponsors for Wealth Professional Awards extol advisors

With two days left until the nomination process closes, advisors still have time to chime in. In the meantime we’re delighted to announce some of the sponsors for WP’s June 5 extravaganza.

Are advisors wasting time on marketing communications?

Broadridge Financial Solution’s acquisition announcement from last week suggests advisors might be wise to outsource some or all of their marketing-based financial communications.