Canada Life

The benefits of real assets amid inflation uncertainty

Canada Life partner Vince Childers of Cohen & Steers discusses the opportunities of real assets during an unpredictable inflation environment

The low-rate era is over: is it growth or value’s turn?

With interest rates rising and market volatility, it's time to revisit an old dilemma

FSRA revokes insurance agent's licence over misconduct

He was found to have engaged in unfair or deceptive practices

Estate denied $218K life insurance as deceased was committing a criminal offence

Appeal court judge upholds decisions to reject life insurance claims

Canada Life completes wealth offering trifecta with Value Partners acquisition

Financial services giant furthers commitment to independent advisors with latest deal for Winnipeg-based investment firm

Win more business with Canada Life’s Advanced and Premier Underwriting Teams

A dedicated partner for large cases, the underwriting teams are highly experienced individual insurance underwriters who specialize in providing the best offer to your clients

Canada Life doubles down on independent wealth push

Storied insurer unveils agreement to acquire fast-growing Winnipeg-based investment firm

Canada Life cuts ties with fund firm over sexual allegations

The firm has ended any relationship with UK firm Odey Asset Management following serious allegations made by 13 women

Leverage expertise from around the world with a multi-manager approach

The company's Portfolio Solutions Group (PSG) is posting eye-catching returns while helping retail investors leverage the power of top-tier investment partners

It’s not timing the market, it’s time IN the market

Patrick Russel of Northcape Capital discusses the long-term opportunities in developing countries