What your coffee says about you

What your coffee says about you

What your coffee says about you

If tea leaves can tell elderly fortune-tellers what you’ll be up to 20 years from now, then surely coffee, being the stronger beverage, can do something equally useless?

Allegedly, it can. As the internet will tell you, the sort of coffee you drink – or don’t drink – says loads about your personality. Makes sense, we suppose, when you consider that caffeine is what gives most of us a personality in the first place…

Café au lait

“Straight-up types. No fuss or pomp here. On the downside, café au lait drinkers may lack imagination. These people are not early adopters - they probably still have their Nokia mobile phones. But they will tell it exactly how it is (if your butt looks big and you ask them, they WILL tell you). They're traditionalists.”


“You're a child at heart who very probably has cuddly toys on your bed at home. You prefer to take your coffee with company. The latte-lover tends to be a bit softer, like a milky latte. They are the ones who always stay back at work (and actually mean to) without ever complaining. They would bring in their own heater and high-altitude gear rather than ask for the heating to be turned up. They're generally pretty nice people.”


“You're a survivor with a direct, no-nonsense, 'if it ain’t broke don't fix it' philosophy on life. This person is busy, fast and on the go (as kids their parents would tell them they had ants in their pants). They also can tend to show off.”


“The capp-lover doesn't really indulge in their coffee as much as they should. They probably had their first 'capp' when they were about 25 and haven't deviated since. They are still a child at heart who really loves that chocolate sprinkle on the top! They are probably from the country.”


“Beware - the person who opts for the Affagato (scoop of vanilla ice cream in a martini glass with a shot of espresso on the side) may also like a 'little here and a little there'. These types find it hard to settle down in a relationship, a job or whatever. They're often reading five books at once and rarely finish any of them. They join the gym, go twice and talk about it thereafter. Unless of course the Affogato is ordered as dessert, in which case, they have excellent taste.”


“The purist. The person who orders the authentic espresso takes life and themselves very seriously. They have no time for fancy adornments like milk or a dusting of chocolate. They want to get straight to business. They are often CEOs and leaders. They make decisions quickly and rarely back down. There's not much 'grey' in this person's life which could annoy those around them.”

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