Angela Oddo
Fiducia Financial Solutions

Angela Oddo, Fiducia Financial Solutions

Angela Oddo

Certified Financial Planner® at Sun Life
Fiducia Financial Solutions

 3434 Regina Avenue, Regina SK, S4S 7J9, Canada
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Growing up, Angela Oddo watched her mother learn English in a new country, navigate a divorce and open a daycare to support her family, working from sunup to sundown. The work ethic she imparted has never left Oddo, who says, “I also learned never to  depend on someone else for money.” Now a Certified Financial Planner® at Sun Life, Oddo is helping her clients reach financial independence.

Thanks to her mother’s motivation, Oddo worked three jobs in Grade 12 and put herself through university to get her start in the financial industry. After successfully switching careers to aviation, she circled back to financial services and is now celebrating her sixth anniversary with Fiducia Financial Solutions. She says she has found success with her clients through education and empowerment.

“Empowerment through education leads to success,” Oddo explains. “To this day, I continue to educate myself because it just helps you to grow as a person, a friend, a mother, an advisor. There is so much you can learn, and I carry that forward, that philosophy, with my clients and educate them. I want to know what their goals and objectives are; I want to understand where they’re at right now and then help them build the pathway to their financial success.”