Kathy McMillan
Richardson Wealth

Kathy Mcmillan, Richardson Wealth

Kathy McMillan

Associate Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor
Richardson Wealth

 Suite 4700, 525 8th Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 1G1
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“Curiosity and a love of people” is what Kathy McMillan credits for the success of her more than 30-year career in wealth management. Kathy has built a holistic wealth management practice that puts clients and their needs first. 

At the core is Kathy’s ability to build and cultivate meaningful relationships. 

“What I really do is connect with people. We discuss their dreams and what keeps them awake at night and then combine all of life’s puzzle pieces – children, partners, job situations, health – into a meaningful full-life plan that helps them achieve their aspirations. I help my clients understand their relationship with money, and how it changes them and the lives of those around them.” 

Kathy and her team, McMillan Wealth Solutions at Richardson Wealth, believe in finding the true significance behind clients’ wealth. 

“When we dig deep in conversations with our clients, we often learn there is much more beneath the surface than what someone will initially share,” she says. “We don’t start with running numbers – instead we ask about the meaning of the money, and what a person wants to achieve with it. We believe the most joy is created when the whole person is taken into consideration.” 

A partnership with Richardson Wealth 
Several years into her career, Kathy realized that to provide her clients with the best wealth plans possible, she needed access to the most sophisticated planning and modelling tools in the industry. Aligning McMillan Wealth Solutions with Richardson Wealth has allowed Kathy and her team to select from a vast array of investments, rather than a limited shelf of ‘approved products,’ enabling her to provide her clients with truly unbiased advice. 

As a female in a largely male-dominated industry, Kathy is also passionate about inspiring and mentoring more women to pursue a career in financial services – a goal shared by Richardson Wealth. 

“The percentage of women in brokerage firms is 12%; at Richardson Wealth we’re at 16% and growing,” she says. “The firm is committed to hiring, mentoring and empowering women – yet another way in which the firm’s interests align with our own values.”

Cultivating relationships
For nearly three decades, Kathy and the McMillan Wealth Solutions team have taken an intergenerational approach to wealth management, with loyal client relationships spanning third and even fourth generations. 

Kathy is quick to give credit to her strong team of associates. 

“I couldn’t do what I do without the support of my talented team of financial professionals, who are all fully committed to helping our clients meet their financial goals. I truly believe that collectively we are stronger.” 

Backed by her team, Kathy can focus on what she does best: listen, ask questions and create meaningful wealth plans for her clients and their families. 

“At the heart, our practice is about cultivating relationships with our clients, and understanding the meaning behind their money. From the head to the heart, it’s all about how money can change people’s lives.”