Zachary A. Sikorski
Sun Life Global Investments

Zachary A. Sikorski, Director, Wealth Sales

Zachary A. Sikorski

Wealth Sales Director
Sun Life Global Investments

 1 York Street, Toronto, ON M5J 0B6
 [email protected]

Everyone’s career is a journey, I am 12 years into mine. At 32 years old have learned a lot along the way. In 2008 I received an exciting introduction to this industry with an entry level position as a marketing associate with TD Waterhouse. The next several years were spent in retail banking. TD exposure led to being recruited to build a book as a Forex Trader, mitigating foreign exchange risk for medium, large and multinational corporations. 

In 2013 I joined Sun Life as an internal wholesaler as they launched a new wealth management arm. After an immensely successful year and a half, I was selected by Sun Life to move to BC to establish a new territory as an external wholesaler. We were quickly rewarded in 2017 with the Wholesaler of the Year Award delivered by Wealth Professional. The arrival of our first child prompted my wife and I to relocate to Toronto to be near family where I assumed the same position in a start-up territory in the GTA. 

At SLGI we help advisors solve for more dimensions of risk, both inside and outside of investment portfolios. We are confident in our ability to be exceptionally valuable partners to advisors and their clients. There are two reasons for this: 

We are built differently. We are built to solve the pressing problems and needs of the next decades: longevity risks, underfunded futures and the shift in financial responsibilities from governments and companies onto the shoulders of families and individuals. I believe advisors need to be able to offer clients the right solutions across growth, income and protection. SLGI is already a go-to provider in Canada’s top DC Plans who choose us to secure the financial futures of their constituents. 

We can solve what no one else can. Others can do some of what we can do; no other asset manager can do all of what SLGI does. We are a powerful partner in a world of permanent uncertainty. We are an ally in a business where new pressures have been downloaded to advisors and the end client. 

The select advisors that work with us have said that we work tirelessly alongside them in getting a leg up on the competition in bringing more unique solutions to clients. Our knowledge of the institutional pension world and unfolding trends have been a unique benefit to them.