Croesus understands the ever-changing demands of advisors’ daily workflow, as well as the necessity of listening to advisors and adapting to their needs. “Croesus is evolving; Croesus is investing in its evolution,” says Matthieu Cardinal, vice-president of business development and strategic partnerships. “Having a footprint in the industry in Canada for so long gives us tremendous expertise in the core portfolio system. That’s our niche, and we will continue to expand on that niche.” 


Founded in 1987, Croesus offers cutting-edge, easy-to-use wealth management solutions that draw on expertise and know-how to provide products and services tailored to the needs of the financial services industry. In 2019, Croesus acquired softTarget, a company that specializes in portfolio rebalancing, and is working to integrate softTarget’s flagship iBalance software with its sophisticated solutions offering. 


To provide an unparalleled experience, Croesus actively listens, learns from and engages with clients to develop technology solutions that are innovative, flexible and secure. Portfolio management solutions maximize efficiency, and data analysis tools allow financial services professionals to make informed decisions. 


“Our guiding philosophy is to provide the best experience possible to wealth professionals by supplying the best technological tools they need to best serve their clients,” Cardinal says. “We will do everything necessary to best serve our clients and the community in general.” 


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