Agora Dealer Services Corp.

Agora has become a major industry player by offering the lowest costs, the highest service levels and the best tools. “We’ve built both a business model and a platform that’s never been seen in our space – and that’s what makes us stand out,” says co-founder and CEO Paul Morford. “We’re advisors first, so creating an advisor-centric platform that’s end-to-end was completely unique.” 


Launched in 2019, Agora is a business-to-business carrying dealer that works in partnership with mutual fund dealers and financial advisors, providing advanced digital tools and high-net-worth account and portfolio capabilities. Offering 20 model portfolio options with three portfolio consultants, Agora’s account fees are 92% lower than their competitors' nominee accounts. And the company’s expertise is paying off – over the last 12 months, Agora Dealer Services Corp. has seen 950% growth. 


“We profoundly believe in advice, and our goal has always been to get meaningful advice to average Canadians,” says Jeff Thorsteinson, co-founder and COO. “What we’ve learned from advisors, the feedback as they’ve adopted the platform is, ‘You guys listen to us. When I give feedback, the next day or a week later, that feedback has been implemented into the platform.’ The comments from our advisors in the field have really helped us evolve not just our platform, but our company.” 


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Agora Dealer Services Corp.


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