Manulife Investment Management

Our approach to attain success is simple – it’s about making our customers’ decisions easier and lives better,” says Catherine Milum, Head of Wealth Sales for Canada at Manulife Investment Management. “We strive to provide more than just investment results for clients. We believe in providing advisors unparalleled access to our experts and thought leaders so that they can, in turn, deliver value for their clients. We bring this hands-on support to our partnership with advisors every step of the way.” 


To help create positive financial outcomes, Manulife takes a specialist approach to asset management, offering highly differentiated strategies across its areas of expertise – fixed-income, equity, balanced and multi-asset solutions. The firm offers award-winning products with on-the-ground access to portfolio managers, tax and estate planning experts, capital markets strategists, macroeconomists and support with behavioural economics. Being deeply rooted in Canadian heritage since 1887, what sets Manulife apart is the strength of its brand. Manulife Investment Management is also a one-stop shop for investment solutions with a track record of strong performance for Canadian investors. 


“In addition to being a leading global asset and wealth manager and a leading retail investment provider in Canada, we’re part of a diversified global financial services organization,” Milum says. “So when advisors are looking for solutions beyond investments, such as insurance, banking or group benefits and retirement, we can support those needs.” 


Company Name:

Manulife Investment Management


Head Office Address:

200 Bloor Street East, Toronto, ON, M5W 1E5





  • Leo Zerilli, Head of Wealth and Asset Management, Canada, Manulife Investment Management Leo Zerilli

    Head of Wealth and Asset Management, Canada

  • Catherine Milum, Head of Wealth Sales, Canada, Manulife Investment Management Catherine Milum

    Head of Wealth Sales, Canada

  • Marie Gauthier, Head of Pricing & Guaranteed Investment Products, Canada, Manulife Investment Management Marie Gauthier

    Head of Pricing & Guaranteed Investment Products

  • Yanic Chagnon, Head of Investment Product, Canada, Manulife Investment Management Yanic Chagnon

    Head of Investment Product, Canada